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By Skillaroo Team

Thu Jun 22 2023

Finding your place in the professional world

“Follow your passion,” they say, “Do what you’re good at.” Yet, these words often ring hollow, particularly for young professionals trying to find their path. Nowhere is this conundrum more evident than in the field of accounting, where the road to success can often feel narrow and predetermined, leading many to feel trapped in their roles.

Accounting’s Discontent: Numbers Don’t Lie

Think it’s just hype? Consider these troubling figures:

  • A recent study showed that accountants are at higher risk for burnout compared to other professionals.
  • Surveys reveal that more than half of accounting professionals would change careers if a viable opportunity emerged.

These statistics are not restricted to one region but are reflective of a global trend, underscoring the need for serious reflection on career satisfaction within the field.

A Journey Towards Balance: Meaghan Lewis’s Story

Meaghan Lewis’s transformation, recently highlighted on the Beyond Billables Podcast, is not about dissatisfaction-driven change but about self-discovery, courage, and personal alignment.

Beginning her career as an accountant in New Zealand, Meaghan later transitioned to a multinational firm in London. Though successful, she realized her needs and perspectives had changed. No longer satisfied with the demanding pace of corporate accounting, she needed a shift.

Meaghan took a brave step and quit without a plan B, listening to her intuition. This leap of faith led her to a fulfilling role as Chief Financial Officer with a non-profit in New South Wales, where she now enjoys a 3-day work week.

Her journey is a testament to the importance of self-awareness, adaptability, and courage in finding the right professional fit.

A Blueprint for Change: Crafting Your Path

If you’re feeling confined or directionless in your accounting career, consider these strategies:

  • Spotlight Your Strengths: Identify and utilize your unique abilities. Analyzing your strengths and how they align with your values can be a pivotal step in career satisfaction.
  • Pinpoint Your Goals: What drives you beyond financial rewards? Is it more time for yourself, societal impact, prestige? Understand your core desires and pursue them in your career.
  • Reflect on Your History: Analyzing past work experiences, cultures, and interactions can reveal insights about your preferences, aiding you in crafting your ideal professional environment.
  • Experiment and Explore: Sometimes, the right fit requires trying new things, taking calculated risks, and embracing change.

Conclusion: Chart Your Course, Find Fulfillment

Landing a fulfilling career doesn’t have to be a game of luck. With introspection, perseverance, and the courage to explore, you can find your professional “sweet spot.” Meaghan’s example proves that even within traditional fields like accounting, there’s room for personal alignment and satisfaction.

The journey towards a rewarding career isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity for a content, well-rounded life. Don’t just follow the numbers; follow your heart and intuition to craft the career that’s uniquely right for you.

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